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chenille letterman jackets in new jersey

Chenille is a process, which has many steps. First it starts with a large piece of felt that needs to be cut into the shape of the design. This will become the base layer. The base layer is put onto a chenille machine where yarn is sewn from the bottom up to form a loop (moss) stitch on the topside of the fabric. This loop can have different heights to create depth and texture in the design. A second layer of felt may also be used on top of the first to add more color.

Once the chenille emblem has been made it can be applied to anything. Most commonly it is applied to varsity jackets. We can sew the letters on to your garment for you in house or we can make the letters as patches for you to sew on. When we sew them on, we use a zigzag stitched around the edge instead of straight stitched to avoid fraying.

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