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Cozy operates 60 embroidery heads spread over 15 machines. We have the ability to run multiple jobs at the same time no matter how big or small they are. We have no minimums, so repeats or add-ons in small quantities are not a problem. Each machine is computerized, so each piece is as accurate and consistent as the next. Each design, whether it is a simple nickname to a company logo, is “digitized” so that the machines can sew it out.

Digitization is a task that involves taking artwork generated from your computer and converting it into design that the embroidery machine will understand. Depending on your logo, a setup charge maybe needed to convert it. This is a one-time fee and once you have paid for it, it is yours. We never use it for someone else. We do have in-house thousands of stock designs that we can add text, in multiple fonts, for you at no charge.

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